Last Updated: 3/10/2017 (Deadline Extended)

The deadline for registering as been extended to March 29!

Go to: https://goo.gl/forms/hfuyA3dZU0G90cqr2 To Register

AITP invites graduate and/or undergraduate students to submit a poster for presentation depicting their IT related projects or research that has occurred in the past year.

Purpose: The purpose of the poster is to allow students to showcase their activities, sharing what they’ve done and learned.

Only posters that have been registered online by March 17 will be accepted.

Go to: https://goo.gl/forms/hfuyA3dZU0G90cqr2 To Register


  • Ballroom will open at 2pm Friday afternoon for set-up. Presenters must check in their poster at head judging table upon arrival at set-up time.
  • Posters must be set up by 2:30. Informal session is from 2:30 to 3:30.
  • Any interested AITP participant can browse the posters and talk to the presenters.
  • Judging starts at 3:30.
  • Presenters must be present during both the informal and judging sessions.
  • During the judging session, presenters will be expected summarize their project/research and answer questions about its content for one or more judges.
  • Presenters must remove all materials immediately after judging period.

Rules and Requirements

  1. Poster must represent research conducted or project completed.
  2. It must be related to the IT field.
  3. May include up to 5 authors. At least 1 author must be present to present during the informal and judging sessions.
  4. Can only contain graphics and text. Participants may bring a small supplemental object or laptop during presentation but judging will be based on the poster and verbal presentation.
  5. Poster must not be any larger than 5 ft x 5 ft or any smaller than 3 ft x 3 ft including borders.
  6. Student is responsible for transport, setup and security of the poster.
  7. Student must bring a way to display the poster. Student may lean the poster on a chair or table (will be provided) but, cannot be hung on a wall or laid on table. Posters on a rigid back can be put on an easel, table or chair.
  8. The poster must contain
    1. a clear statement of the thesis or project objective.
    2. a description of the methodology used.
    3. a description of conclusions or project results.
    4. the full name of the college/university.
    5. the names of all student authors.

Judging Criteria

  1. All general rules and requirements must be met and schedule must be adhered to.
  2. One or more judges will talk to each participant during the judging session. Posters will be judged on the following:
  3. Poster content.
    1. Accuracy.
    2. Technical competence.
    3. Depth of research or technical rigor of project.
    4. Merit, originality and importance of the topic.
  4. Quality of presentation.
    1. Organization and presentation of topic.
    2. Student communication – Students must convey in a professional manner their project or research including member introduction, project overview and conclusions.
    3. Students will be expected to demonstrate a working knowledge of the project or research.
    4. Relevance of charts and graphics.

For more information please contact:

Connie Hecker, hecker@missouriwestern.edu, 816-271-4594