Updated: 8/19/2014

The 2015 Web Application Project Contest in now open for this year, Please read the below for instructions on this contest. Please note the address for submission and questions.

The Web Application Project Competition is a 2 semester/3 quarter, real-life system analysis/design and implementation project.  All teams (may be composed of any number of team members) are expected to complete all 5 phases of this competition in order to qualify for final product presentation at the National Collegiate Conference in March 2015 in Omaha, NE.

Team Composition

A school may enter more than one project team.  A team may consist of any number of team members.  A student can be on only one team. The teams competing in this contest can be part of an academic class and can have undergraduates as well as graduate students (the only stipulation on team members is that they cannot be IT Professionals in the Web programming profession, this will be left up to the AITP advisor to determine the eligibility of all team members). However, each member of the team must be an AITP student member, and at least 2 of the members of the team must be present at the AITP National Conference to participate in the final presentation.


Since this is a two semester project most teams start at the beginning of the Fall Semester and working towards the goal or presenting at the Conference in April. There is no specific time to actually start the process, however there are due dates that must be hit during this process. The following are the due dates for the 2014 – 2015 Competition:

  • Phase I Due Date :  October 3, 2014 (Contract and Team Charter Statement)
  • Phase II Document : October 31, 2014 (System Analysis Only)
  • Phase III Document : December 5, 2014 (System Design Only)
  • Phase IV Document and URL March 6, 2015 (Construction and Implementation, URL Due)
  • Phase V : March 13, 2015 (Technical/User Docs)
  • Projects chosen for Presentation at Conference based on scores as of March 21, 2015
  • Presentation for those Projects chosen: Saturday Morning – March 27, 2015
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Web development
  • Customer interaction/focus
  • Documentation


  • Systems analysis and design
  • Web development
  • Customer interaction/focus
  • Documentation


2015 Problem Statement – please download and review before starting and work on the project (Will be available by 8/20/2014)

2015 Sample Contract – standard contract for this competition and must be used by all teams for this contest (Click to download)

2015 Team Charter Statement – sample charter, any team scope statement used in project management may be used (Click to download)


Teams are expected to submit complete and readable documents, charts, etc. for each phase in a single PDF file (if not a PDF file it will be returned to you with a loss of 2 points). Please note that all due dates are for those phases only; work may continue on all aspects of the project until the final due date. Any phase work may be submitted prior to the due date (make sure each phase is a separate submission and include the phase number being submitted in the email subject line (ex: Web Application Project – Team ## -Your School Initials – Contract/Phase I/Phase II/Phase III/Phase IV/Phase V). If your project is not chosen for the final presentation at the conference the team is still required to finish the project and turn it over to the client as agreed to in the signed contract.


  • Phase I is worth 10% of Project Grade
  • Phase II is worth 25% of Project Grade
  • Phase III is worth 25% of Project Grade
  • Phase IV is 20% of Project Grade
  • Phase V is 20% of Project Grade
  • Final Presentation is 11% of the Final Grade

Past Problem Documentation

Sample documentation will be posted soon

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