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Last Updated: 2/11/2017

The Network Design contest is constructed to challenge participants on many levels. Teams will create a proposal for a network design given the problem statement scenario. Elements will include LAN design, WAN connectivity, network components, protocols used, security issues and network architecture and a budget.

Team Composition

Your team may be made up of 1-2 students.


This contest will take place on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


  • A good understanding of internetworked systems
  • Critical thinking and evaluation skills for enterprise infrastructure design
  • The ability to construct a budget of all the items and services necessary to solve the problem
  • The ability to create professional quality documentation that meets problem statement requirements for stated audience


No specific resources are required for the competition, however the follow will be useful:

  • Diagraming tools such as Visio, Lucid Chart or yEd
  • Software to generate Microsoft Word or PDF documents
  • An Internet browser for looking up technical specs and pricing

Final documents much be submitted as a file that can be read using Microsoft Word 2003 or later, or as a PDF.


Teams will be given the problem statement at the beginning of the contest time.  Time will be allowed to read the problem statement and ask any questions in a common session.  Once the question & answer time has closed, no further questions will be answered.  At the end of the contest period, each team will be asked to either copy their solution for judging.


  • Functionality: 35%
  • Efficiency: 30%
  • Creativity: 20%
  • Organization of the Proposal: 15%

Past Problem Statements

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