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The problem statement may consist of questions dealing with database design, database concepts, and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Teams may use software such as Microsoft VISIO or Visible Analyst to create the ERD. All SQL must be written using standardized SQL. Students must utilize Oracle, MySQL, or SQLServer. Each team is required to bring their own laptop/notebook PC, with their own ER diagramming and database software. They may also bring any written reference material.

Team Composition

Your team may be made up of 1-2 students.


This contest will take place on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Database design, entity-relationship modeling, structured query language (SQL)


Students must utilize Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server.  MS Access is not allowed and development suites that support drag and drop are also not allowed.


Oracle 11g Express:

Microsoft SQL Server Express:


Teams will be given the problem statement at the beginning of the contest time.  Time will be allowed to read the problem statement and ask any questions in a common session.  Once the question & answer time has closed, no further questions will be answered.  At the end of the contest period, each team will submit their solution for judging.

The competition may contain all or some of the following components:

(1) Database Design: In this component, students must submit a database design based on the given problem statement or SQL script. The design will consist of an ERD with entities, relationships, attributes, keys, cardinality, and optionality; and the relational schema normalized to 3NF, with all keys indicated.

(2) Data Definition Language (DDL): For this component, students will be required to write the SQL code to instantiate a components of their ERD into a physical database, including all keys. A partial SQL script will be provided, and students will have to complete the script to create the working database.

(3) Data Manipulation Language (DML): This part of the competition will require the students to write one or more DML statements, including SELECT.

(4) Multiple Choice questions: The contest may contain multiple choice/ multi-select questions which will challenge students’ in-depth knowledge of SQL.

*NOTE:  only standard SQL commands may be used.  Application specific commands, those unique to Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL, if used, will result in lost points.


To be announced

Past Problem Statements


  1. Lee Cooper

    Is there a limit on the number of teams that can enter from a given region or student chapter?

    • mgrimes

      Hi Lee – Any number of teams can participate in the competition, but all participants must be AITP members/registered for the conference.


  2. Garrett

    By “They may also bring any written reference material” Is it Handwritten or can it be Book material?

    • mgrimes

      Hi Garrett –

      Yes, books (including eBooks or online references) are all fine.

      See you in St. Louis, and good luck!



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